Issue 1.0

Chaos to Cosmos

From the Founder’s Desk

Culture Shifts Consciousness

“We want to create a place that is affirming, inclusive, and open. Our world hungers for opportunities to stimulate empathy and wellness—in ourselves, our communities, and for the planet. Visitors will find community, healing, and joy here, because we believe that culture shifts consciousness.”
—Megan Tagliaferri, Founder

Glenn Kaino

On Art, Hope, and Invisibility

Art can create a dialectic that can be used in several ways, as a critique, as documentation, and also in a utopic way, as a means to see a future that the general public doesn’t have the imagination yet to invent. Artists trade in the imaginary, and the imaginary is where the future can reside.


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Curatorial Notes

Tavares Strachan: On Belonging

In Strachan’s world, making space can be discursive, material, and galactic or even infinite. His practice addresses gaps in history, urgencies of the present, and problems of our future, from democracy to ecology. He starts from the premise of, “how can artists engage with the world on a seismic level?”

Lita Albuquerque

Beauty, Transcendence, and The Sublime

At this moment, where we as a species have stopped our usual mode of interaction and our movement across the earth, we have liberated the air, and the light, and permitted the water to flow, the animals to romp around.

Long Beach Focus

Steve Fawley

Portals are gateways to the spiritual world. Gateways bridge the earthly realm to the spiritual cosmic dimension. Many ancient cultures speak of portals to other worlds and gateways to star systems where a “creator” resides.

Sanaz Alesafar

Vulnerability is a Prerequisite to Cultural Production

Our culture deems vulnerability as a weakness rather than the opportunity for personal and collective innovation. Culture, its manifestations, the communities that are built around it are a necessity. Culture serves the human spirit, gives purpose, and seduces us.

Emma Gray

The Energetic Residency

Dreams are fundamental for my work in psychoanalysis. Many people begin to remember their dreams when they are in analysis. It's incredibly helpful to show people how they are wrestling with aspects of their psyche that are working both for and against the ego structure.

Art & Meditation

Chrysanne Stathacos: Two Hands Touch

For me, the Tibetan meditation practice of Tonglen, which is based on the concept of sending and receiving, is closely aligned with the creative process of artists who have a social justice practice.

Long Beach Focus

Sayon Syprasoeuth

It was an amazing time to grow up in Long Beach: the city was still new and the immigrant community was growing along with many other people, I wasn't able to break away from it yet because as a youth I got too comfortable.

Family Workshops

Slanguage at Compound

Slanguage will be hosting a series of virtual art family and wellness workshops focused on the power of creativity. Inspired by the idea of “Use What You Have,” this series of workshops aims to create a fun, safe, creative space that will provoke engagement, new ways of thinking, empowerment and bring communities together.

Landon Ross

We Live When it’s Beautiful

If patterns in what is found to be beautiful exist across cultures, they are worth noting. Ancient Grecians held that the more an object aligned in practice with the perfection of its conceptual form in principle, the more beautiful it was.

The Subjective Sublime

Good Deeds, Beautiful Things, Ones To Watch

Our Founder has compiled a list of creators, thinkers, impactful organizations, conscious consumerism, and relishing in everyday beauty for our readers to check out.

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